Frequently Asked Questions

“Do I need to call ahead before I come take my first trial class?”

Nope! Just show up 10-15 min before a class listed on our website!

“Does re:MOVE offer a free trial for your classes?”

We do! We offer a 3-day trail for group classes and a 1 day trial for re:CESS, Boxing and Krav Maga.

Do you offer any open gym time to workout?”

We don’t. We have scheduled classes most of the day and we schedule personal training, semi-private personal training and sports teams in our open time slots.

“How does re:MOVE differ from Crossfit?”

We get this one often. We think Crossfit is great! We just decided to focus on foundational strength and conditioning for the average person wanting to get healthy, feel better and look better in a super safe, non-competitive atmosphere. We do not Olympic lift in our beginner or intermediate classes for the purpose of avoiding injury. We do offer 1 rep max training and Olympic lifting in our advanced re:LENTLESS Class.

“How many levels of classes do you offer?”

3! A beginner, intermediate and advanced class. You control your fitness journey and can take whichever class you’d prefer.

“Do you train sports teams?”

We do! Call us for details!

“How is your program different from all the other gyms around here?”

Our program is unique because of the 20/20/20 format we run in our classes. We spent 20 min warming up with joint rolls, mobility, activation, movement drills and active stretching. We spend 20 min strengthening the body with foundational weightlifting + accessory work and 20 min conditioning (cardio). We believe our program is balanced, safe and smart. You will get stronger, more flexible and lose extra body weight.